Ideal for concealing television display, our Vanishing Mirror TV can be integrated into interior designs, including Home automation integration. The television completely disappears when off.

To create a unique design, choose Blu-Vision to make your dreams come true. We have completed more custom Mirror TV projects in South Florida than any other company in the industry.

The television display completely disappears when off.


Is a high reflective mirror coating on a clear substrate. It is coated using a pyrolytic coating process or a “hard coat”. The pyrolytic process allows for the coating to be chemically-bonded to the glass at molecular level, while the glass is still in the semi-molten stage. It is tremendously durable.


Custom Bathroom Mirror TVs

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Custom Living Room / Bedroom Mirror TVs

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We proudly provide the largest selection of frames, Frames with a rich finish, elaborate relief detail and delicate beading. Beautiful and original, our frames are both luxurious and stately. We provide all Frames including custom frames, metal frames, canvas frames & much more to favor each and every framing need imaginable.




Our Mirror TVs combine the best Slim LED HD televisions from the market. The leader, Samsung, being our first choice to deliver a remarkably stunning picture. With no gap between the screen and mirror the picture appears bright and beautiful.



What separates us from the other Mirror TV competitors is our unique manufacturing. In coordination with general contractors, architects, interior designers and audio/video dealers we deliver a Mirror TV built by the requested specifications.

Together we can create any design, any size, for any room of your choice.


The television display completely disappears when off.